Zoom Process and Tips for Hybrid Meeting for Worship

Joining the meeting via Zoom

When you log onto Zoom using the meeting number and password provided in TCFM’s weekly announcement sheet, you’ll first be greeted by a Zoom Tech Host in the “hallway.” The Tech Host will then move you into a Zoom breakout room, the “meeting room.” Please double check that you are muted once you arrive in the worship breakout room.

Enlarging the Meeting Room image

TCFM recommends you choose options in Zoom to make the image of the meeting room large and those of Zoom attenders small. To do this:

  1. In the upper right corner of your screen, choose Fullscreen and Gallery views
  2. Hover your cursor on the upper right of the meeting room video. Three dots will appear.
  3. Click the dots and click “pin.” The picture of the meeting room should fill the screen with those of Zoom attenders above it.

Resizing and moving the participant video area (optional)

  1. Hover your cursor over the upper left corner and click on the grid of dots that appears. This will allow you to resize and move the area of the screen that shows the participants videos. Move your cursor to the bottom right or left of the black area. Arrows will appear to allow you to right click and resize the view of the participant videos.
  2. Moving your cursor to the top of the black area will allow you to move the participant video area to the top of the screen so you are not blocking the view of the people in the meeting room.
  3. To see more participants, hover your cursor to the very right or left and click the arrow to see other participants.

Giving Vocal Ministry

To give your message, click on “Unmute” in the lower left corner of your screen. When finished, click on “Mute” in the same corner.

Close of Meeting

The meeting Closer will be in the physical meeting room. To signal the end of silent worship, the Closer will rise and invite attenders in the meeting room to briefly greet each other. At the same time, the Tech Host will return you and other Zoom attenders to the “hallway” for the introductions and announcements period. After the announcements, you may stay on Zoom for fellowship sharing groups or leave Zoom.

NOTE: The Zoom instructions on this page should work for running Zoom on a computer, but the experience on other devices (phone, tablet, etc.) may be different.