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Our library contains quite a few books about Quaker history and thought. Some particularly helpful books for becoming familiar with Friends are:

  • Friends for 350 Years, by Howard Brinton
  • The Quaker Way, by Rex Ambler
  • The Pendle Hill Pamphlet series collects essays of interest to Friends as small, regularly published booklets. The series has been going since 1934 and now includes over four hundred pamphlets, many of which can be checked out of our library. > learn more.

TCFM belongs to Northern Yearly Meeting (NYM), an association of liberal Quaker meetings across the upper Midwest. NYM’s Faith and Practice is available at the TCFM library, for purchase from Quaker Books, and as a free PDF online.

“Faith and Practice” books describe a Quaker community’s beliefs and practices, and each yearly meeting creates its own. These books are not authoritative, aiming instead to capture the realities of a community at the time the book is written.

TCFM is also a member of Friends General Conference (FGC).

QuakerSpeak, a series of videos made by FGC, is a great source of testimony by individual Friends about Quaker beliefs and practices. You'll find some of their videos shared here below.

Friends Journal publishes Quaker news and thought every month, and is also available in the TCFM library.